ACS Global Water Initiative Working Group

David Sedlak, Chair; Co-Director, Berkeley Water Center; Director, Institute for Environmental Science and Engineering, UC-Berkeley
Jerald Schnoor, Editor-in-Chief, Environmental Science and Technology Journal; Co-Director, Center for Global & Regional Environmental Research, University of Iowa
George Barclay, Research & Development Director, Dow Water & Process Solutions
Thomas Stanley, Chief Technology Officer, General Electric Water & Process Technologies
Martin Mulvihill, Associate Director for Education and Outreach, Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry, UC-Berkeley
Bassam Z. Shakhashiri, 2012 ACS President, Professor of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Laura Pence, Chair, ACS Committee on Environmental Improvement (CEI)
Ray Garant, ACS Staff Liaison to CEI
Flint Lewis, ACS Secretary and General Counsel



Charge to the Working Group

ACS should expand its efforts to educate the public and decision makers on topics related to water, especially those that are pertinent to chemistry.

ACS could lead member discussions about how chemicals used in commerce impact water resources.

ACS and its members can help the chemical enterprise find creative ways of making water systems more sustainable and affordable.